I'm so excited!

While checking one of my favorite blogs, Desire to Inspire, I realized that I'm included in their list of holiday reading guide! Yeah and double yeah! It's a wonderful surprise and an honor for me! I welcome every reader coming from this amazing duo who delivers some of the most thriving and original content you can find on the web!


Sometimes we just wanna relax...

It's getting late and I was just browsing beautiful pictures up on the site of living etc. It's a cozy friday night and I'm staying in. I have that feeling that I feel ready to go to bed but I keep prolonging that moment in favor of some more inspiration and lust over fine interiors... I look at the pictures and my head spins a thousand times measuring, wanting and dreaming! This is my moment to relax and my way of deflating the pressure of the week. Precious clusters of time giving another meaning to my existence...