Great shots, Great campaign, great clothes! Alberta Ferretti...

On a second level; I'm being really slow lately because I started working on a commissioned project, photographing real homes and that keeps me busy 24/7.



India Mahdavi

Her work is aesthetically pleasant and fully ergonomic. I respect a great deal people who are passionate about their work and follow their inner voice of inspiration, India is one of them. The spaces, she creates as the pictures show above, are stylish with fine tuning and a rythmical vibe. She believes places always have a story to tell and she listens carefully in order to satisfy this need. An esoterical truth that seeks to see the light and India is here to preserve it!



Sweet soaps

I'm always for a treat, so I couldn't resist these sweet handmade soaps from Naiad. Their cuteness is evident but what sold me was Erin's no animal tested policy. Above you see only a portion of her amazing soap creations. I guess, it's  nice to pamper oneself!



Broad stripes in B&W

I first spotted them on Skona Hem (the magazine) and then I realized they are everywhere! Marimekko carries them in different products and so does Ikea. Their boldness is so refreshing for the summer! And these broad stripes look so good next to favorite color of the season, turquoise or another interesting choice, lime green.



When Grey meets White

When Grey meets White a sense of purity is formed... Everything feels smoother! Clarity reins! You just add a bit of metallic hues and the space becomes splendit. And... Don't forget, a touch of solid wood gives warmth and desired depth. All done, you may now rest.



New York, New York!

I haven't been to New York (yet) but if I were to go soon I would love or just say die? to stay at Crosby Street hotel, right in number 79. Needless to say, I was left with my mouth wide open when I saw the first pictures from their site and things didn't change much after inspecting all of their rooms... I was there (with my mouth still pending) and I could only envisage what a delight would be to visit this amazingly charming city and stay at such an elegant place. Then, I realised that many aspects in their rooms, in terms of decorating, were great examples of unparalleled style and notion and that made me want to go there even more... The hotel itself has a charm that I find hard to resist. I look at each one of their rooms and instantly It puts me in daydream mode! Oh, New York, New York!



Oh! so pretty headbands!

Mmm...What's that? Headbands! Do I wear them? Usually no. To me, they feel like being imposed as a fashion accessory, pretty but akward at the same time (to walk around with). But those above from Love, Taza made me stare at them for soo looong that my heart jumped and my eyes rolled. What I like the most is that they compliment her looks without being too flashy or loud. They are tasteful and have the most pretty details on them! I like the color combinations and I feel that I could wear them, not only on a special occasion but on any given chance.



An english home

Having lived in England for a while, I grew a certain fond of british interiors. This particular one, above, gets extra credit for its sense of tranquility. The house has a welcome tone and although its grounds are modern it manages to carry you away to another era. I guess what I admire the most it's this ingenuous style of blending old and new stuff together. Treasured possessions, flea market finds and antiques occupy the space without having any feelings of constrain. Live with what you really love and you'll be happy -a thought I always keep in mind but sometimes I find hard to execute... But this home is such a fine example of this fashion.



I hope everyone enjoyed Easter Holidays in their part of the world. Over here, the weather was sunny and bright, turning our festivities warmer and happier! The aftermath finds me relaxing with a good read, Atlanta Barltlett's At Home With White and some freshly picked flowers from the garden that were used as decorations on our Easter Sunday party and now are scattered around the house, bringing spring in. When the rush of the week keeps us busy I tend to forget to pick fresh flowers, but having them now in abundance makes me think how much we miss in our daily lives. Small things make such a huge difference and don't tell me that smelling and seeing something beautiful everyday, wouldn't be satisfying for all! Also, these little fellas are gonna stay with us for a bit! Every time we see them, they put a big smile on our face. Btw, I made so many Easter eggs that we'll have some over the weeks so they look cute together!


Clay Heaven!

It's been an hectic week and time passed by, unbelievably quickly...Time was divided for Easter shopping, and spring cleaning (not a good combination) and on top of that all the usual stuff we all do it our daily lives. I'm glad I'm almost finished and today I can devote myself on the online world (such a delight after a few days off). Now, let 's see what we have here... I like pottery a lot and I'll always enjoy a good piece when I find it and at whitney smith pottery I found more than one. Whitney Smith left a career in Anthropology to follow her passion and we sure feel she did the right thing! Beautiful handmade pieces for the home in delicious colors or just pure white! Clay Heaven, here I come!