Photographer Louis Lemaire

Today, I felt like I need some visual inspiration and as I was looking around a bit I found this brilliant photographer called Louis Lemaire! His base is in Netherlands and his work has appeared in numerous magazines like vtwonen. Nice settings and beautiful colors. An injection of styles and ideas is always welcome!



Happy Home!

This new week starts with certain accomplishments. Not big ones, just ones that matter to us... The staircase was finally painted, so did the molding and rail next to it! We had a few minor flakes on the wall when I removed the tape( I used a cheap one instead of a painter's tape) but compared to the outcome we barely noticed them plus we have our leftover paint just for this sort of mess! It wouldn't feel though completed without some sort of decor. So, my beloved poster from The Small Stakes found its place right in this small built-in shelf along with some ikea vases I had hanging around.
Also, we manage to hang or screw most of our lighting and that took up the rest of our time but in a good way. It was worth it!


Stepping Stone

This is gonna be another looong weekend where we're gonna be working around the house. Hopefully, a lot will get done by the end of this weekend and we'll be a step closer to the move... Almost two months now, we're working on the house so that we can make it livable by the end of November. That's not to happen anymore, still I'm sooo excited because we're very close! Hard work means(in any possible way) make your dreams come true!



Lingering Priorities + Endless Possibilities

This little world of mine feels neglected... Every single day, passing by, I have great thoughts of it and when the evening comes they are diffused in the air like clouds. Each day I make a promise just so I can break it in the end. It feels strange and yet so familiar. Life is always full of broken promises and lingering priorities. Yet, I believe that it doesn't matter in the long term. Afterall I am here, aren't I?  Not a lingering priority anymore! 
So, real life continues and things get done, sooner or later... Daily inspiration is abudant and I admit my life isn't the same since I found the online universe of immense beauty, incredible people and thousands of inspiring places! I feel like a better person,  more enthousiastic and more appreciated in many ways. I see so many captivating things in a daily basis which I could never believed they existed, outside the secluded world of  my country's poor magazine production. Two years ago, I 'd had this unquenchable thirst for all things design but none seemed fitting to my tastes in the local press. So, by accident I found Apartment Therapy and from there I discovered an amazing online world of design blogs and many other great places. 
Today, there's almost not a single day without my daily fix; all those incredible sites that I devoutly visit and feast my eyes with their awesomeness! My little world feels tiny yet it's a place of endless possibilities when it becomes part of a greater whole...  I guess my point is that I feel like sharing too, and I will strive to deliver as often as possible!