The girl will always lust a new bag!

The wind that blows my hair almost everyday isn't enough to call it a change in seasons and sometimes summer stays longer, for a few borrowed weeks from a lazy autumn. I still go to the beach but my heart wonders in fresh fashions, my eyes search for new trends. I long to revive myself and usually a bag does it for me!  Suddenly, my strip navy dress looks different, easy-breezy still, but more sophisticated. The short of thing I could proudly wear at a client meeting or while I meet my mom for a chat over coffee!

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A beautiful house in Oia!

I don't talk quite much about my work here on the blog but from time to time I get to photograph some spectacular places that's worth talking about! That's the case with this unique house in Oia, Santorini. Before anything else, I have a little secret to tell about this particular home. On my first ever trip to Santorini and while visiting Oia for the wordly famous sunset I saw the gate leading to this house and my awe made me stop and dream for a moment how it would be to live inside it. Then we moved on to the spot we could watch the sunset and I forgot all about this house and its occupants. They say, sometimes fate plays little games and here I am, not only taking pictures of it, but living inside while doing my job. Excitement, oh yes! The place is charming inside as grandeur is on the outside. The best part though is that I got to meet and become friends with the daughter of the owner who happily opened the doors to this little paradise on earth. Her warm welcome and good manners is a treat and she's totally easygoing and fun to be with. This shooting became more than a job it was a dream come true. The memories from this trip will be imprinted in me, forever.



I think I need this...

Every now and then I'm drown to some darker pieces. I guess it's my need to make up for all the bright stuff I usually like. Somethin' wicked ain't but in small doses, my friend. It brings balance to life especially when is so darn well executed. You see, The Great Bear shop justifies this urge of mine to the bone with all its great prints laid upon my gaze like little gems waiting to hauntly glow inside my place. 



I love storage, I love me some luxury!

If money weren't an issue I 'd love me a handful of these beautiful boxes, the house of Hermes has designed as archives for past agendas. They combine both my love for right storage and timeless aesthetics in one. Scattered around the house and not only the office area, as seen above, they would happily collect any clutter and still be pretty to look at! Items of perfection themselves they can turn any space into something more elegant, more pristine. They seem to be the ideal high factor in a mix and match design situation. The orange hue is perfect in small doses and it will add the right amount of color in any enviromnent. It 's a touch of luxury and sometimes we want to treat ourselves in it!


My Daily life!

My dear friend and mother of my godson sent me an e-mail recently and since she lives far away in another continent I thought some pictures of daily life would be fun to see! So I came up with these snapshots which perfectly capture my everyday! I love where I live and there's not a single day passing by without enjoying my views. The look and smell of greens is essential for my well being. Second to my heart is my home office.This is the place I spend most of my time when working, daydreaming or by just looking over and over again some old tear sheets! I guess simple pleasures of life is what matters the most and I cherish them the more as I get older.