Less is more!

I haven't featured before an all masculine abode but I must confess I was drawn to it from the moment I saw it on Lonny magazine. Something about the rich dark tones and the sophistication it emits so generously, made me want to own this place! Anthony has not only use some of my all time essential pieces like the Ikea Lack self and the Parsons desk but he illustrated their clean, sleek lines in such a beautiful way! The place is designed by a man for a man but the warmth of orange splashes and the brown/wood notes introduce a level of versality into the space. Who can imagine that we talk of a teeny tiny place! For more photos and the actual article you should visit the site of Lonny magazine! The talented team behind the scene has created yet again an another issue full of inspiring interiors and striking visuals for us all to enjoy!



Happy Holidays

So far Christmas time has been joyful and fun. Family gatherings, a little bit of shopping and a lot of food involved! Ahead of us we have the celebrations of the New Year and A Whole New Start! Time laps seem faster as the years go by, but we need to slow down our pace, at least this time of (every) year and reflect our actions, thoughts and visions. It's the perfect time to relate with our past, keep what is important to oneself and hope for a better future!!!


Anticipate the weekend

I hope the following days have the cozyness of the soft white blanket and the allurement of these tiny winter blooms, for everyone... Two days full of glorious moments to boost our energy and refill our inner strength because Christmas is only a tad away!



Patina is beautiful

My mother taught me to appreciate the beauty in old pieces. Her countless visits in antiques stores gained her a few memorable pieces like this delicate vase of handdrawn porcelain. I wish one day to have, around my house, such lovely items to surround me!


Flowers bloom in winter time

Beautiful rooms to live in and enjoy, especially in cold winter mornings. Your favorite paper, a nice cup of tea and some fluffy cushions to arrange casually and jump right in!


Elena of design

Ok, here's the story; the other day I was visiting the loveliest shop in the town I live -that said though, I haven't had the chance to chat with the owner until this very Friday. So, apart from the nice talk we had and the goodies I brought back home from atelier LZC I found out that one of her daughters is Elena Zournatzi, a prominent spirit of the new greek design. Elena is responsible of all the inspiring and refreshing illustrations above and if you pop over at her site you gonna see more! Greek press has done a many great spreads on her, especially after her work for the store of the new Acropolis museum and since I've been there already, take my word on this; everything in the store is so well presented and designed like you're in a really hip and high end place, so totally different from the usual boring museum stores. But Elena has another hidden ace up her sleeve...She creates unique wallpaper designs and children's books. Elena is undoubtly talented. I bet she can have us all swoon over her work within a second!


Eat sweet

I don't know about you but, I'm not easily impressed with sweet recipes. When it comes to sweet I satisfy myself with the old good way; a generous bite of chocolate(any kind) and that's about it. But when I came across this recipe while reading desire to inspire blog something inside urge me to try it! And...heaven help me!!! If you were ever to cook once in your life or if this is something you do everyday, rush over to Not quite Nigella and get the recipe. The best thing I've read in cooking recently!


Have you seen Simon Upton's images?

...and now that you have, what do you think? I wanna jump right in those dwellings and start living up their lives. Become what they want me to be; a socialite, an entrepreuner, a profound artist, an avid collector...



Ode to little drawers (in my head)

I wish inspiration would come in neat little drawers! Need a bit of help, grab one and look for the treat inside! Ran out of ideas, pick another and see if you like what you get... This could be the answer to our questions but alas! we strive and cry out as if we were blind. It seems like we can't reach those small boxes or like we are just an inch away but we can't tell! But those of us who reach out and touch them enjoy a magical moment every time it happens...

IMAGES FROM TOP; bitsandbobbins, ameiss, theholidaygirl928, ameiss, moline (up again, enjoying autumn)


I'm so excited!

While checking one of my favorite blogs, Desire to Inspire, I realized that I'm included in their list of holiday reading guide! Yeah and double yeah! It's a wonderful surprise and an honor for me! I welcome every reader coming from this amazing duo who delivers some of the most thriving and original content you can find on the web!


Sometimes we just wanna relax...

It's getting late and I was just browsing beautiful pictures up on the site of living etc. It's a cozy friday night and I'm staying in. I have that feeling that I feel ready to go to bed but I keep prolonging that moment in favor of some more inspiration and lust over fine interiors... I look at the pictures and my head spins a thousand times measuring, wanting and dreaming! This is my moment to relax and my way of deflating the pressure of the week. Precious clusters of time giving another meaning to my existence...



Lerkenfeldt Photography

Heidi Lerkenfeldt is the person behind Lerkenfeldt Photography a brilliant photographer from Denmark with a great number of outstanding images in her online portfolio! She's the photographer for major clients like DAY home collections and various magazines. Her work spreads from interior to fashion! Tender sentiments and beautiful colors compose the aesthetics of her imaginery with a certain touch of whim that make her work elegant and fresh! The lighting flows heavenly from her pictures and diffuses in our world, a transitional bridge from the iconic to the real.



Friday's food -weekend's joy!

Macaroni pie (serves 10), a traditional recipe that my grandma used to make and now my mom does and hopefully one day I will! This time I only took the pictures and enjoyed its full taste with the rest of the family!
  • ingredients:
250gr of pasta made from durum wheat semolina
2 cups fresh milk
7 whole eggs
2 cups feta cheese

1 cup ricotta cheese

1 cup parmezan cheese
1 pack of french pastry
2 spoons of unsalted butter
3 spoons of virgin olive oil and fresh gound pepper
  • execution: Bring to boil a large pot of water and add the pasta with a pinch of salt. Let it shimmer for 13 minutes and drain afterwards under cold water. In a large bowl beat the eggs for a minute or so.Add the pasta and crumble all different kinds of cheese on top. Continue by adding the milk and the olive oil with one spoon of the butter. Don't forget to add pepper to suit your taste! Mix all the ingredients together. Preheat the oven at 250C. Use a big round baking tray and cover all surfaces with the remaining butter. Lay one sheet of french pastry on the bottom of the tray and make sure that the edges of the sheet fold on the sides up. Transfer the mixture on the tray and cover with the other sheet by overlapping the edges. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden at 250C and then cover with some baking sheet and let it bake for another 20 minutes at 180C. Use a fork to pinch, when ready the fork will come out dry!


Say I do!

The reason I'm posting those pictures above is not only for the beauty of the wedding gowns but also for the voluptuous style yet, fragile... It's a fascinating imaginery these photographs communicate with a palette full of pale pinks, greens, turquoise and everlasting white! Discreet richness and pure elegance underline the work of Jenny Packham and make us all (women) secretly want one of her creations!



Villa Sclopis, Turin

This project is accomplished by an architect whose various endeavors show his mastermind. Take a look (a good look) at the site of architetto Michele De Lucchi. I say Woa! There's a certain philosophy cramped behind the following words;"Aware of the gap that had been created between design and production, he set out to rediscover the role of the architect as an intellectual who conceives and fulfils his projects with a more responsible approach to the quality and beauty of things."



Have you seen Jenna Rose's new collection?

I'm a big fun of Jenna Rose's stuff! You can tell just by looking the pictures of my home! Jenna's pillows are here to stay. Recently I visited her site and I was happy to find so many new things added in her shop! The yellow bicycle pillow caught my eye and so did the baby blanket (I don't have kids but many of my friends do!). The large bin seems perfect to store laundry, towels, yarns and I don't know...what else! It's so pretty I just wanna have it in my place! If you don't know, Jenna is using organic cotton (it's nice to be green) and some of her items are currently on sale just like this beautiful bag above!



Collage by Elisa Archer

As much as I enjoy looking at interiors I find the same joy in works of art. This lady in particular has a very gentle technique and she's using it to produce some spectacular collages depicting her desire for balance and beauty in everyday life. Her spirit is unifying and diverse. Various materials are incorporated into her work and visualise fragments of time and culture. Fragile creations of romantic notes and earthly tones. Nature and life prove to be an unlimited source and Elisa Archer is glorifying this notion. You can find her in her website Samba handmade goods and she's available for comissions, just email her!



My home on 1richtungsblog

You can see these and other pictures from my home at the blog 1richtungsblog from lovely Anita Dawoodi! Anita and I are classmates in the absolutely amazing e-course blogging your way run by the ever prolific and totally charismatic Mrs. Holly Becker of decor8! Please if you have some time take a look at Anita's blog!