Look what you've got!

This is the title, two very aspiring guys Shaz and Billy, gave to their project in order to restore our love for the mundane. A manifesto for the modern (over consuming) society. A prolific thought to rely on. A philosofy to abide by. A hope for the future. An idea I utterly believe! So, look what you've got



Baby, rock on!

Lou Doillon personifies the woman of today- the rebellion from one side yet fragile and sexy creature from the other, through this amazing collection of french designer Vanessa Bruno (whose home has been shot by  Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer). Her clothes signify the femme fatale but smart and sensible woman as well. Her creations evince femininity, promote a state of flux and describe the relaxed and chic style we all look for. Basic tones and some bright hues like yellow and fuschia compliment the fundamental pieces of her outfits.



Fine Pictures

In the pictures above you see the work from the danish photographer Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer. In the photography field for over 20 years, she's specialized in interior photography, creating outstanding images for world-wide publications like ELLE decoration, AD, Vogue Living, Homes and Garden, Maison Francaise just to mention a few. Lately she's joined forces with her sister Julia Mincarelli, a renowed journalist under the brand Sisters Agency . Their creative fluids are pumping and together they produce excellent features providing quality, inspiration and a fresh approach to the world of interior design enhanced by the keen eye of Birgitta and the intellect commentary of her sister Julia.



Tea towels? Yes, please!

I'm always happy when I find a place that sells tea towels with attitude! A tea towel is such a humble homeware amongst our belongings. Ranked usually at the bottom of desired objects in many people's list, it's so exhilarating when it becomes the reason for creating. Today, that's the case with these beautiful tea towels in display. Enormouschampion is a small shop that specializes in renewable resources with a love for natural materials and innovative design. For the tea towels above they used 100% Belgian linen which they had silkscreened based on original themes delivered by the duo behind enormouschampion. If you have time, take a moment and visit their shop. I'm sure you'll enjoy their goods as much as I did and probably you'll find something that speaks to your soul!



United Bamboo

Today I feel inspired by the creative duo behind United Bamboo. It's been said that Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham (aka the duo) have mastered the technique of making  preppy classics with a twist. For a girl (like me) who likes lady-like clothes but loooves cutting edge style, it seems that United Bamboo is what I was looking for! Now, if you consider that their designs introduce elements with direct reference to origami and architecture it's even more fascinating to wear their clothes. But their artistic pursuits take them a step further. They are entrenched in the indie scene, lead to numerous collaborations. So, you say, ok all that but the cats where do they fit in?  This is the project that sold me! It's a calendar featuring their 2010 women's line worn by purr-fect kitties in hilarious shots... The photographer Noah Sheldon did a truly fine work!  You can purchase it through ooga booga's online shop.



Interior themes

Interior themes are endless (and thank God for that!). The possibilities are equally countless for any aspiring decorator amateur or professional. From all the different styles out there -and to be honest I like so many that it ends up a mess in my head, it seems I am most loyal to one; the mix and match! High and low, upscale and downscale, vintage and modern, rustic and minimal, you name it I'm in. I guess that there's a charm which won't fade over time in a space where a dominant style is absent and sometimes sublte changes lead you from one look to another (and how refreshing is that?). Monochromatic spaces, in terms of style, soon seem dull for my moods. I need layers upon layers to feed my appetite for fascinating viewings. Take this apartment for instance. It blends an english country style seater with a rustic console and Eames chairs next door. Ikea products mingle with flea market finds and antiques. Of course editing is a key factor when mixing different features. You need to constantly perform editing sessions in order to achieve a balance and an unification of styles. Enough saying... Today I'm gonna inspect carefully those images above and I will try to retrieve what's important to my fancy and save it for future reference, that's how I built up my personnal choices. 



Item of Perfection

Wild anemones arranged in a glass. A special item of perfection... We live in a material world and when an item of perfection comes from nature its priceless! Flowers can surely transform the modest of places. Wild anemones with their saturated color add instant freshness to our interiors. They warm our heart and satisfy our minds. Delicate petals and little green leaves have such a great power over our senses. I feel inspired every time I pick fresh flowers -it feels as an act of exhilaration. A little secret? I always enjoy the smile I see on guests' faces when their eyes meet these tiny yet vibrant flowers.


Martin Cederblad

Selected work from photographer Martin Cederblad. A Scandinavian spirit brushes them with a certain quality. I'm smitten! His images had appeared in Skona Hem. Enjoy!



Pretty witty seasprayblue

Ok, I have a thing for people who can create pretty and affordable art. Katrin Schwlust is definetely one of them! Genuine, interesting pieces of art. You put it on the wall and you will enjoy it for a long time. I like the colors and I like the motifs. Clearly she has an eye for it and a blooming imagination. Well to put it in another way, I would simply trust someone who says that inspiration comes the moment just before getting asleep! Her shop Seasprayblue over on etsy is really sweet and if you haven't visited her before it certainly worths a visit.



Happy Valentine

A tribute to Ettore Sottsass' design for Olivetti "VALENTINE"


Why I love Scandinavia...

To me, this place looks right. For many reasons I could own this house. Ok, like many of us, I like many styles and dream about the perfect home. But this place is real. It has stuff that I like (low storage space in the living room) or I want to buy like the floor lamp from Ikea. It combines wood and white furniture and it has wallpaper, but most of all it has this undeniable scandinavian charm! Who can resist?