Lingering Priorities + Endless Possibilities

This little world of mine feels neglected... Every single day, passing by, I have great thoughts of it and when the evening comes they are diffused in the air like clouds. Each day I make a promise just so I can break it in the end. It feels strange and yet so familiar. Life is always full of broken promises and lingering priorities. Yet, I believe that it doesn't matter in the long term. Afterall I am here, aren't I?  Not a lingering priority anymore! 
So, real life continues and things get done, sooner or later... Daily inspiration is abudant and I admit my life isn't the same since I found the online universe of immense beauty, incredible people and thousands of inspiring places! I feel like a better person,  more enthousiastic and more appreciated in many ways. I see so many captivating things in a daily basis which I could never believed they existed, outside the secluded world of  my country's poor magazine production. Two years ago, I 'd had this unquenchable thirst for all things design but none seemed fitting to my tastes in the local press. So, by accident I found Apartment Therapy and from there I discovered an amazing online world of design blogs and many other great places. 
Today, there's almost not a single day without my daily fix; all those incredible sites that I devoutly visit and feast my eyes with their awesomeness! My little world feels tiny yet it's a place of endless possibilities when it becomes part of a greater whole...  I guess my point is that I feel like sharing too, and I will strive to deliver as often as possible! 

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