The amazing (secret) world of two Manhattanites

One of my favorite Australian shelter magazines is Inside out. In its pages I discovered this gem and I had to share. A busy couple, who spends their daily lives in Manhattan working as architects, has created this amazing retreat in the woods of New York. It’s a weekend getaway from the urban madness to the quiet ways of nature in an idyllic area amidst the green trees and greener fields. A space secluded and calm. Decorated only with the bare essentials, its speaks an inner need.  The couple invested in creating a soothing environment using a natural palette with beautiful wooden materials, both in their construction and furnishings along with a few art objects that compliment the space.  The porch with its views and the bathroom with its freestanding bathtub appeal to me the most!


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  1. I sometimes look at these houses and wonder how anyone lives in such perfect spaces - they seem almost unreal to me :)