I hope everyone enjoyed Easter Holidays in their part of the world. Over here, the weather was sunny and bright, turning our festivities warmer and happier! The aftermath finds me relaxing with a good read, Atlanta Barltlett's At Home With White and some freshly picked flowers from the garden that were used as decorations on our Easter Sunday party and now are scattered around the house, bringing spring in. When the rush of the week keeps us busy I tend to forget to pick fresh flowers, but having them now in abundance makes me think how much we miss in our daily lives. Small things make such a huge difference and don't tell me that smelling and seeing something beautiful everyday, wouldn't be satisfying for all! Also, these little fellas are gonna stay with us for a bit! Every time we see them, they put a big smile on our face. Btw, I made so many Easter eggs that we'll have some over the weeks so they look cute together!

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