New York, New York!

I haven't been to New York (yet) but if I were to go soon I would love or just say die? to stay at Crosby Street hotel, right in number 79. Needless to say, I was left with my mouth wide open when I saw the first pictures from their site and things didn't change much after inspecting all of their rooms... I was there (with my mouth still pending) and I could only envisage what a delight would be to visit this amazingly charming city and stay at such an elegant place. Then, I realised that many aspects in their rooms, in terms of decorating, were great examples of unparalleled style and notion and that made me want to go there even more... The hotel itself has a charm that I find hard to resist. I look at each one of their rooms and instantly It puts me in daydream mode! Oh, New York, New York!


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