A beautiful house in Oia!

I don't talk quite much about my work here on the blog but from time to time I get to photograph some spectacular places that's worth talking about! That's the case with this unique house in Oia, Santorini. Before anything else, I have a little secret to tell about this particular home. On my first ever trip to Santorini and while visiting Oia for the wordly famous sunset I saw the gate leading to this house and my awe made me stop and dream for a moment how it would be to live inside it. Then we moved on to the spot we could watch the sunset and I forgot all about this house and its occupants. They say, sometimes fate plays little games and here I am, not only taking pictures of it, but living inside while doing my job. Excitement, oh yes! The place is charming inside as grandeur is on the outside. The best part though is that I got to meet and become friends with the daughter of the owner who happily opened the doors to this little paradise on earth. Her warm welcome and good manners is a treat and she's totally easygoing and fun to be with. This shooting became more than a job it was a dream come true. The memories from this trip will be imprinted in me, forever.



  1. Owning a house located in Santorini, Greece is something to be proud of. Santorini is a beautiful exotic place, and the beach is just spectacular. I love the design of your place. Everything looks so stylish and bright. Your house definitely has a relaxing vibe to it..

    1. Actually the house doesn't belong to me. It's a property I photographed and it's available for rent!And you're right, it's just spectacular over there!

  2. The modern design of this house, surrounded by a magnificent scenic view, makes it a perfect venue for relaxation and an excellent spot for taking photographs. Living in this place would give you the chance to attune with nature, or maybe find the inspiration to paint or craft a masterpiece.

  3. Oh wow! What a magnificent house! Greece is such a beautiful country. I’ve also dreamed of living there someday. You’re so lucky to get a chance to stay in that beautiful house. It’s a perfect honeymoon destination, don’t you think? =)