Cheap & Chic! {perfume bar}

As the holiday season approaches we all want to spend for family and friends. It's the festive spirit that lifts up in the air and the feeling of sharing and joy! Before we know it though, we exceed our budget and sometimes can't afford gifts for all the people in our list. My rule, to avoid that, is to act early on and spot those places where I can enjoy a spending spree and still have money in my pockets. A good example is my purchase above. I first went on a smell quest and tried several different fragrances. I decided on Bulgari for its underlined elegance and fruity flavors and made sure to find the best offer available. My purchase of the specific fragrance included two more treats, a body lotion and a beautiful pouch but also came with a good 25% discount. So content after all and I didn't break the bank!


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