Last minute X-mas diy! (earth-friendly)

Today's post is about X-mas, diy and fun! It's also about you who live hectic lives- like most people do nowdays and you find yourselves with X-mas around the corner and not a single idea for quick and easy festive decorations. You see, anxiety hits all year long and I believe these days it should take a break! Christmas is all about fun and easy time! We should celebrate with our family and not worry over anything, but because as always it's easier said than done, I hope that my last minute diy will cheer you up and get you back on track;on that of Joyride! So, let's say that until now you didn't have the time or energy to do something festive! Plus, you are one of those fellas who can't stand those cookie-cutter decorations while you strive to be original and also keep up with the earth-friendly spirit. Look no further! Here is the simplest diy ever that will change your moods and give you the right attitude. Ok! enough talking, let us be happy alltogethernow!
You gonna need some driftwood, a crystal beads garland, a golden beads garland and a tall glass vase. Maybe the most difficult to track down is the tall vase but that's nothing fancier than a super market vase that I got with my long-dead orchid. You see, I only use leftover and what's handy around the house. The rest of the stuff, I acquired over time and all are decorations from my past. The driftwood came from a forgotten walk at the beach when it was warm and sunny! The images talk for themselves! You just rest the golden garland at the bottom of the vase add the driftwood and decorate with the crystal beads. Instant makeover, instant Christmas spirit! Enjoy!


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