Elena of design

Ok, here's the story; the other day I was visiting the loveliest shop in the town I live -that said though, I haven't had the chance to chat with the owner until this very Friday. So, apart from the nice talk we had and the goodies I brought back home from atelier LZC I found out that one of her daughters is Elena Zournatzi, a prominent spirit of the new greek design. Elena is responsible of all the inspiring and refreshing illustrations above and if you pop over at her site you gonna see more! Greek press has done a many great spreads on her, especially after her work for the store of the new Acropolis museum and since I've been there already, take my word on this; everything in the store is so well presented and designed like you're in a really hip and high end place, so totally different from the usual boring museum stores. But Elena has another hidden ace up her sleeve...She creates unique wallpaper designs and children's books. Elena is undoubtly talented. I bet she can have us all swoon over her work within a second!

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