A style is born; in a wedding

Today I wanna talk about style. Many of us want it but little of us succeed. Definetely there are many styles around;modern, minimal, contemporary, etc.  I'm referring to the absolute, timeless chic the gal in the picture above evokes. Actually, she's a friend of mine and this is an image of her on her wedding day(I had the honor to be her photographer for the wedding). Every little detail in this picture unravels a woman of elegance, beauty and confidence. Well, you tell me, almost everybody looks their best on their wedding. That's so true, but usually it takes months of preperations and meticulous planning. What if I told you that this wedding was pulled together in less than two weeks?  Amazing? Yes, it is! The secret lays in knowing who you are and what you want. Sure it's easier to say than do but unless you define yourself you will always feel a bit mislead. To make myself more clear, here's a question for you; the wedding dress is so unique and seems to have cost a fortune, right? Well it's definetely unique and beautiful but No, it didn't cost a lot of money. It's from a past collection of designer Alice Temperley and it belonged to her line of dresses. Its original price was marked down considerably. My friend had the eye and the determination to choose it as her wedding dress. Daring you may say but it proves my point;you don't need tons of money to create a better, stylish image of yourself. What it takes is carefully evaluating your assets and choose what's right for you. Sometimes you will need help from people you know their opinion matters in terms of style but basically it's up to you to comprehend what you need to have chic, timeless style. Trial and error is a good way but mostly don't be afraid to think outside of the box because what works for one doesn't necessary means that it works for all of us. Go on, trust yourself!


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