My dining chairs

A while back I said that I'll post pictures of my old/new dining chairs after the completion of the upholstery work with the Sandberg Kiriko textile. Well, that time had come and gone and finally today I came around  and took some pictures in all their glory! The chairs belonged to my mother. They fall at the category of  Louis15 replicas and are all six handmade. Actually, she ordered them to a local small furniture company  back in the seventies right after her marriage. They are made of fine oak-tree, which I knew but couldn't tell because they were in pretty bad shape when I got them. I found out for sure when I gave them a professional 'face lift' which consisted of a patina finish and repairment of the frame. I went for the patina because it doesn't cover completely the wood and it gives a more subtle light version of the original chair. The break-down of the cost for the project is; 2 1/2 meters of Kiriko textile worth of 240 euros, 'face lift' worth of 1000 euros and upholstery job 450 euros. It cost me a little fortune but it was all worth it! Now they sit quietly in my dining room and wait patiently for the next turn of guests to entertain!



  1. I love your chairs! How special they are coming from your mother. I want to be there and sit in one of them. :)


  2. My dear Stacy,
    you know you are always welcome!