A refreshing getaway

The new year has just started... I wish we all have a great year ahead of us and our dreams come true! Now though, that the fuss of the holiday season is almost over and -I guess- we feel a bit exhausted from all the excitement and the preperations, a little getaway seems so refreshing! So I was talking about just that to a friend of mine... she suggested a very special place! She informed me that a friendly couple of hers who have been working on setting up their family-run business of vacation houses have just completed three small villas, located on the south part of Crete in Greece. I had to run over to their site to see the villas for myself and they were so elegant and beautiful that immediately I thought of sharing them here! Actually the pictures above are from the villa called "Fedra" which I instantly fell in love with! "Fedra" is definetely my favorite but I wouldn't mind staying in any of the other villas as well. I believe we must support small bussinesses as they tend to be more ecclectic, an option I prefer for my choices and the effort they put on the projects is truly from the heart.


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  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous stone homes! I would love to visit, but I don't think they could kick me out at the end of the week. Sooooo beautiful...