Cheap & Chic!

Some say there's no way to be chic and cheap. Yeah, it's like trusting that good taste comes only with good money... But today, it easy to be chic and keep your wallet happy! For instance, the other day I was window shopping H&M. You know, it's a good activity and keeps your mind alert and your blood pumping, speaking of cource style wise. That means, if there's a treasure it can be found. Like it happened with those cute red ballerinas. They are a delight, and to pay less than 5 dollars a pair, it's a steal! Wearing them, makes you feel kinda special and precious(the red fake snakeskin does it)! It's a dash of sparkle in everyday life and paired with a nice navy striped dress, the epitome of style. I say, Cheap and Chic, for all!


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