Keep your mouth full!

The other day I wanted to have a quick and easy salad for lunch. I was working from home and didn't have much time, plus I wasn't feeling like eating the usual greek salad. I had some leftover white beans. I thought "it's good idea to use them in my meal" and embarked on my quest. After a bit of searching, I found this salad from the truly inspiring site 101 cookbooks. You can always make the original salad but that day I didn't exactly followed the recipe but rather used ingredients I had around and made me a wonderful meal! I had already my fresh boiled beans which are always better than the canned. I also had a juicy merlin orange and I used half. No fancy vinegar for me, just the regular wine vinegar I use daily. I substitued the walnuts with almonds that my uncle send me from his garden, they are delicious toasted! A nice iceberg could do the job and olive oil (ours) and goat cheese aren't the things we lack of. Combined everything to my taste and as a surprise ingredient I added milanese salami! Now, you can skip the last one if you want a more healthy version but I always crave little bits of delicatessen in my food. 


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