Jam of Figs

Every year I try to enjoy figs as much as I can! They are one of my favorite fruits you know... This time though our white fig tree started delivering some not so good-looking fruit after the first bunch of awesome figs. I guess the tree was pretty heavy with fruit and since the spot is dry and harsh, it hadn't enough juices to make them all right. No worries though, I love me some jam! I picked the remaining figs that were pretty good even if they weren't big in size or bright green in color. I was going to mash them after all, so their looks were not what I was looking for. I just made sure that the fruit wasn't spoiled or anything. Just for variety, I picked a few dark ones also(those were perfectly ok)! My recipe is pretty simple. My mom share it with me as her mom did beforehand. The only secret lies within simmering time. Looong and sloooow! It really takes time because the heat should be very low and you need to make sure the jam isn't gonna stick in your pan while your liquid starts to become syrupy. Mine took about forty minutes but it was so worthy! 
So, you gonna need for every two cups of fruit, one cup sugar, one cup water. That simple! You put all the ingredients in a pan and when the boiling starts you turn the heat to low( really low) and wait until your jam thickens and reduces to less than half of the original size. The trick for the jam is that you take one spoon from your mixture. You let it cool for a couple minutes in a small plate. If the mixture is still runny when you turn your plate in one side it means more simmering if not, the jam is ready. Voila! 



  1. Sofaki mou iperoxi sintagi. That tin Kano mias k imaste gemati me sikies edo. Sou efxome Kalo ximona k sas perimenoume opote thelete.
    Katerina skinos kefalonia :)

  2. Aaa! katerina ti kala!! Se eyxaristw gia tis eyxes kai antapodidw!

  3. Γειά σου Σοφία!
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