Cheap & Chic! {red coat}

It's feels like cheating, since I'm posting this today and not yesterday but I guess it's better to go on and do it rather than postponing it because I get distracted by daily happenings. Life happens and if plans are put on hold one day there's always the next to mend this! So, why I'm posting this red coat today? First of all, it's one of my all-time favorite garments. I have it for four years allready and it's like brand new. It's such a happy coat in the most wonderful red color ever! It's pure wool of excellent quality and I got it on super sale since the Donna Karan tag on full price was quite intimidating. Still, you say it must cost more than a regular coat. That's absolutely true, but compared to the quality and the long wear it's still a very good deal! I believe it has every right to be considered as an item that falls right under the cheap and chic category. You see, sometimes we need to invest on certain pieces even if it feels like breaking the rule by paying more than usual. The reward from the top quality of both, material and craftmanship is unconditional and the many years you're going to enjoy your choice, break down the price to mere pennies(on a daily count). I followed my heart and got me this amazing coat and I haven't regret it since, not a single day!  


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