A manhattan pied-a-terre

Sometimes I see a space and I really get excited! This happened with the pied-a-terre featured in Veranda Magazine. Then, I try to figure out what in particular I find inspiring about those interiors and why... Probably I wouldn't incorporate all the above elements in my abode but the color combinations that I see here are very interesting and certainly well thought. Black and white is a favorite of mine but I believe that when someone adds injections of other colors like greys or browns it takes it to another level of visual impact. It also warms up the formality of the duo. Obviously this interior is also quite traditional and those gold accents prove it greatly but when grey and brown enter the scheme it's their softness that occupies me the most. Plus, the focal dynamics of those vertical black lines on the main storage space are so strong and symmetric that open up this pied-a-terre to great lengths. Even if my place is not that small I believe that inspiration from compact spaces is more valuable since it's those spaces that push aesthetics and design to new boundaries in an effort to incorparate more elements with less actual space!


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