Mona Wallström

I think what the artist herself says is the essence of this work;
...Plywood - wood in thin layers with crossing fibers - is a common in buildings and furniture as a construction material. The stripes on the edges in the material are very interesting. If using it for modeling organic forms the stripes will affect the visual expression. It can distort form but can also be used for making patterns to underline parts of the object...
These jewelry designs are part of the installation/exhibition "Greetings from Plywood Palace" first time presented in 2007. This year is going to be a solo-show for Mona Wallström in Konsthantverkarna Stockholm Sweden.
Enough said, time to contemplate now...


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  1. WOW those are really nice and i especially like that necklace! Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!