Sandberg textiles & wallpaper

A while ago, I was looking around the net for upholstery that will have remarkable quality and elegant design. You tell me how difficult is that? The textile industry is flowering! That's true and we see amazing designers pop up everyday, but when it comes to upholstery your choices are narrowed quite a lot because not just any textile will do for the job! At the beginning it was frustrating because most of my finds where of extremely high prices and even if I wasn't going to buy wholesale still it seemed unreasonable to spend a fortune for a few yards! That said, imagine how I felt when I discovered Sandberg! Truly amazed by their patterns and grateful that they carried a vast variety of upholstery to choose from! Do you need more? The prices are totally affordable and they have retailers all over the world. That's quite handy and in fact, I went and checked it in person before making my order! My choice? It was kiriko dark blue!

the wallpapers are great too!


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