United Bamboo

Today I feel inspired by the creative duo behind United Bamboo. It's been said that Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham (aka the duo) have mastered the technique of making  preppy classics with a twist. For a girl (like me) who likes lady-like clothes but loooves cutting edge style, it seems that United Bamboo is what I was looking for! Now, if you consider that their designs introduce elements with direct reference to origami and architecture it's even more fascinating to wear their clothes. But their artistic pursuits take them a step further. They are entrenched in the indie scene, lead to numerous collaborations. So, you say, ok all that but the cats where do they fit in?  This is the project that sold me! It's a calendar featuring their 2010 women's line worn by purr-fect kitties in hilarious shots... The photographer Noah Sheldon did a truly fine work!  You can purchase it through ooga booga's online shop.


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