J'aime Jaime (Hayon)

Jaime Hayon created  this -indeed- spectacular new look for the restaurant "La Terraza del Casino" in Madrid, Spain. Just imagine having dinner there! So elegant and sophisticated beyond comparison. The place kept its original grandeur but a thin tread of modernism, appearing here and there, makes it irresistable. Jaime Hayon has worked next to Oliverio Toscani, best-known worldwide for designing controversial advertising campaigns for Italian brand Benetton, before spreading his own wings. Now he creates interiors for leading hotels and restaurants around the world. Jaime Haydon's work is part of a new movement of designers that blurred the lines between art, decoration and design and a renaissance in finely-crafted, intricate objects within the context of contemporary design culture.



  1. I coudn´t agree more with your post!

    I´m studding Jaime Hayon for a project to my graduation and I´m falling in love by his work...some people maybe are right by saying that he is going to be the new Philipe Starck...Jaime work is so wonderful with simple lines as good combination of the colours!! Lovely!

    See the lamps of this new brand, DELIGHTFULL, they have some great pieces, Marcus, a table lamp is my favourite one...check it out!


    Hope you like and give me your opinion

  2. Benedita,
    I checked their site and you were totally right! Most of their designs are quite interesting! My favors? It would be Scofield(floor lamp) and Aretha(suspension lamp). Excellent!

  3. Nice!! I´m glad you have enjoy it!!! :)