Interior themes

Interior themes are endless (and thank God for that!). The possibilities are equally countless for any aspiring decorator amateur or professional. From all the different styles out there -and to be honest I like so many that it ends up a mess in my head, it seems I am most loyal to one; the mix and match! High and low, upscale and downscale, vintage and modern, rustic and minimal, you name it I'm in. I guess that there's a charm which won't fade over time in a space where a dominant style is absent and sometimes sublte changes lead you from one look to another (and how refreshing is that?). Monochromatic spaces, in terms of style, soon seem dull for my moods. I need layers upon layers to feed my appetite for fascinating viewings. Take this apartment for instance. It blends an english country style seater with a rustic console and Eames chairs next door. Ikea products mingle with flea market finds and antiques. Of course editing is a key factor when mixing different features. You need to constantly perform editing sessions in order to achieve a balance and an unification of styles. Enough saying... Today I'm gonna inspect carefully those images above and I will try to retrieve what's important to my fancy and save it for future reference, that's how I built up my personnal choices. 


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