Hello Easter!

Easter is ten days away (at least in this part of the world) and we are running crazy with preparations! We've decided this year to celebrate Easter Sunday with family. That said, it means several chores need to have been done before this day comes. Since the closest family bears twenty more or less people, housing plus dinner arrangements are utterly important. We are lucky to have enough space to accommodate such number of folks but tableware was difficult to accumulate. So, we 've decided to go disposable! 
To tell you the truth it was quite hard to find supplies that meet all our requirements and look nice! I had to check all the local stores (in Greece) since internet wasn't an option and make sure I'll stay within budget limits. Above you see my (almost) final choices. I might use a napkin variaton and some extra easter decoration but the rest stays. Plates were such a pain... Either ugly plastc whites or some pretty ones made of paper, but paper is not suitable because it easily bends and accidents might occur when food is loaded on them (people always tend to overload their plates when food is served over a buffet). Well, I looked around twice before I settled on those clear ones. They are fair and they are square, and a tad expensive but I love them! They come in packs of six for 5,19 euros per pack. 
Same thing happened with the glasses. I decided to get crystal clear ones that don't squeeze when you hold! Again the prize was above regular for 6,70 euros a pack, but it has fifty and with two packs I'm covered for any liquid; beer, soda, water, you name it! Smaller ones I got for wine and that's about it.
Now, my color palette was picked up from one thing! I knew from the beginning that I'll have the wild daisies which grow in abundance around the house as my flower selection. They are cheerful, sunny and come free of charge! Plain jars dressed in yellow wrap paper with a ribbon will serve as vases and I 'll make easter eggs in matching colors to have on the tables and pump up the whole decor. 
What I really fancy is the white lace placemats. They are quite cheap paper repros though they give a dash of luxury in any table setting. Navy paper (again) tablecloths were a natural choice. Last but not least, my miniature pegs. I 've got them probably last year ( I tend to buy stuff that is cute but I don't need) and now they come pretty handy to serve as napkin rings.
That's about it with my festive preparations. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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