Oh Bambi!

Bambi Sloan... A name that definetely shows character! Bambi is held responsible for the stunning interior work at Derrière restaurant. Her off-beat interiors chez Derrière made me crave for more! So I did a bit of a search... Lo and behold! I found a truly inspiring portfolio unfold before my eyes!  Take a look at her parisian apartment which as her own space unravels the full extend of her exuberant personality! But my all-time favorite is the work she did for the Lodge in the isle of Jura. Bambi did her magic again and created an eclectic interior using vintage accessories, flea market finds and contemporary furniture to stay up-to-date in terms of decorating. This lady really knows how to mix and match. She has a way of sensing the vibes of the present and manages to stay atop of interior trends without compromising her individuality. 


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