Manger a Paris!

It's been quiet, for a couple of days around here, now we're back on track! I shall propose to take it back from where we left it and that means only one thing; Paris, oh la,la, la! I was enjoying Paris so much I thought of prolonging our visit a bit longer!  Strolling around Paris opens up our appetite so it's about time to visit one of the hot spots the town has to offer. The famous restaurant Derrière. The name comes from its location, right at the back of the 404 and Andy Wahloo -restaurant and fellow bar consquently. Customers would like to choose where they want to sit, whether it’s in the lounge, dining room, bedroom or boudoir. The food is French, simple and wholesome, made with the finest quality products. A place that resembles an eclectic home rather than a restaurant and introduces a new "art de la table". The ingenious man behind this endeavour is Mourad Mazouz aka the Momo. Mourad opened his first bistro Au Bascou in Paris in 1988, since then each new culinary launch of his has been bound up with success! 


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