The house of the Sharps!

We kick off the week with a stunning house call. The house of the Sharps, owners of the established label of handmade rugs "The Rug Company". Their home amazes me not just because of its famous inhabitants (at least to the world of interior design) but of its elements that I find so well-defined in terms of shade, style and combination. It justifies my belief of creative people who can always make it work. The house seems to serve well as a family shelter and still retain a strong aesthetic value not pretentious or overdecorated. It encompasses a sophistication with a sense of fun. The blue velvet sofas are to die for and kid smart as well, with such a rich dark color. Rugs from their collection are scattered around the house like the Sellarsbrook Blue-a absolut fave of mine in the study or the Key Shadow in the livingroom. 


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