The amazing world (her home that is…) of Daniella Witte

When a house has most of the elements I find attractive, thrown all at once before my face, I get haunted by it. As if the more information I can gulp about my object of desire the better I feel. That’s the case with the house above. It belongs to Daniella Witte an aspiring photographer and blogger. The moment I saw her home I was stuck and couldn’t let go. Actually these pictures are from the magazine Sköna hem where her home was showcased. The photographer is Daniella herself! 

Daniella is a fantastic photographer and when I found her blog, while perusing the internets, it was her imaginary that kept me looking and soon I realized that some of the captivating interiors I was looking at belonged to her home. The combination of metal surfaces, white background, wooden flooring and lots of black and grey in the mix, it’s a win-win situation. The balance of this home is perfect and the feeling I get is calming and profound. Easing the senses is important when life is hectic most of the time and this place can do that simultaneously!

The palette revolves around the neutral and the natural and falls right into the color scheme of a scandinavian scenery. Maybe we crave what we don’t have, and as I live in the Mediterranean I find more soothing environments that deliver less bold qualities in terms of decorating. The good thing is that a place like that can be easily updated in order to feel more warm with a few, let’s say neon, accents when the hotter seasons kick in!


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