Beauty is this wallpaper called Carpates!

Do you know the feeling when you come across something truly divine? Your heart starts pumping, your eyes get wet and you loose sense of time. When I saw this sumptuous space, everything froze. I was gazing upon it until it became unbearable…  There’s so much going on in this picture to just pretend I don’t care. First of, this plump velvety sofa with the color of open sea, a color that lures you in!  The delicious set of pillows, so inviting and comfy… The pile of magazines promising a great afternoon time.  And then it’s the wallpaper. Oh my! It’s not for the faint of heart. Dark, exquisite and imposing, it takes up your existence and sucks you in! So dramatic and unique without looking dowdy. The colors are muted but rich. The texture is quite present and utterly opulent. This paper transforms the room into something extraordinary and unique, full of depth and dimension, like nothing does!


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