Keep your mouth full! {green beans & eggs}

For me this is comfort food. I enjoy the richeness of the egg and the freshness of the green beans. Sometimes, if eggs feel like a lot and I know for sure that I'm not going anywhere else later on, I will have a crushed garlic clove and chunks of bread to dip in the flavored oil of the beans. Always though, I 'll add lots of black pepper. To make this plate you'll need fresh green beans from the farmers market. A good quantity is one kilo of greens. Wash them thoroughly and cut off both ends. Half cup of olive oil (extra virgin) or more is needed. When the oil has warmed up, you add one red onion, finelly chopped. About three minutes later you add two crushed cloves of garlic and your green beans. You give them two good turns in the pot so they are covered with oil thoroughly and you add canned tomatoes, preferably the ones which are already in chunks because when cooked they don't disappear but rather give an extra dimension to the plate. You will need 3/4 of the can. You will also need some water to help your greens cook more evenly. A good rule is to make sure that while cooking you have enough liquids to simmer properly. Salt and pepper to taste. When the boiling starts, lower the temperature and let it simmer. The food is ready in 20 minutes more or less. Not a long time for such a satisfying meal. Fry the eggs and you're good to go!


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