Keep your mouth full! {rigatoni with anchovies}

I can't say that I like to compromise when it comes to taste. I love food so much and if my meal is bland usually it ruins my day. That said, I have to admit that I can be lazy too so I need to prepare meals quickly and easily. I enjoy pasta quite a lot and I try to bring a new flavor almost each time I make it. For the above dish I used rigatoni. I always drain my pasta under cool water and then I use a bit of warm olive oil to coat them for extra flavor. Yummy! For the sauce I used 2-3 fillets of anchovies and a tablespoon of capers along with a clove of garlic, finely sliced, in a warm skillet. I made sure the skillet was coated with olive oil (again!), just a few drops is enough. When half way cooked, I added a few cherry tomatoes and when those were ready I removed the skillet from the heat. I combined the pasta with the sause, springled fresh parsley over it and served in a large plate with lots of cheece and black pepper! Food for the soul! 

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