Keep your mouth full! {the oven beans}

I always try to find new ways to use beans in my meals because a)they are healthy and b)not everybody's favorite ingredient(you know what I mean!). I assure you though that this recipe proves to be a delightfully unexpected dish for eveyone! It combines gracefully white beans and shrimp which gives these humble pulses some status. Plus the cherry tomatoes and capers make it a little savory which is good because it takes away some of the earthness of beans. The original recipe was found at the Martha Stewart Living issue of September '11 but I always stray away and do what suits me better. For this recipe I only had a pack(500 gr) of frozen shrimps(80/120 size) and I used those. I also boiled the beans in advance. I used 3 gloves of garlic and about two tablespoons of capers which I made sure they were rinced well. Most of my ingredients like beans and cherry tomatoes where eyeballed to match the quantity of my shrimps. I also use coarse salt and olive oil all the time. I combined tomatoes, beans, capers, garlic, oil and salt in a bowl while my bakeware was warming up in the oven. When ready, I tossed in the bowl mixture and let it in the oven until tomatoes started to look charred. While those were broiling I made another bowl with the shrimps, 1 tablespoon of oil and salt. I added them to the bakeware with some water for extra liquid and let them bake until shrimp looked ready and golden. I served with some rustic bread and enjoyed the meal.


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