On blood oranges and life

jeffrogers lettering(howdyjeff)
You see I have a habit of drinking fresh orange juice, not everyday but pretty often. In fact, I can’t drink orange juice from a carton. It’s not that I haven’t tried. Several times. Some are better than others but all leave me in the end with a sense of fraud, the aftertaste feels kinda numb and oxidized…Instead, I like freshness! I love the smelling of fresh cut oranges, the squeezing till the last drop of juice. I like to clean the mess afterwards. In a same manner, I’m trying to squeeze life to its fullest and get it to give me the most. I don’t like premade boxes of living. It’s quite a task I admit. Easily routine can make me blunt and have me act on repeat mode but after a while I digress. I need to feel like I’m creating my life and the harder I try the more I find it rewarding. 


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