Hey… Hay!

So tell me, did you notice yesterday the amazing dot rug laying gloriously on the living room floor in this stunning place we visited? No? Well, take a better look because that’s a piece of art from one hell of a company!  Hay creates the most beautiful contemporary housewares you ’ve ever wanted to lay your hands or feet on –it depends on your preferences! They have a widely extended line of goods that covers all areas of the home ….But, on to our star for the day the dot carpet! It’s made of woolen felt balls indivudually stitched together by hand. Just imagine how happy your feet would be walking on it! Not to mention that it totally trasforms a place from plain good to simply fantastic!  There’s also a cool range of colors to pick from including bold and natural  hues!
Hjemme hos Silje Aun_16CC3D

image credits: 1 and 3-4  HAY, 2 TRINE THORSEN

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