The amazing world (her home that is) of Joanna!

Joanna and Sebastian have created a unique house by following their instincts after they decided that living in a big city was not their priority. They took a house in the country which had good bones but was in need of a major overhaul. It’s a tough job but they did and pretty good, I will say! The result is a modern, airy and relaxed home with wood beams and a painted floor, as homage to its country origins. The main aspect of their abode is the open plan living which suits them perfectly. You see a lot of white around, but also a beautiful accent wall in black that creates depth and adds dimension. The interior is a mix and match of IKEA furniture and sourced pieces. The overall feel is simple yet functional and smart! Joanna is online as well, she authors the beautiful blog  Kavkadesign and there you will find her sharing ideas, inspiration and daily life!


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