Thoughts on the water

I stumbled upon a phrase lately which also happens to be the title of a book. The phrase goes “become what you are” and it’s the title for a collection of essays written by Alan Watts and published long after his death. I did a bit of researching and I found out that Watts has been one of the most influential philosophers on familiarizing western thought with the eastern. I haven’t read the book or any other of his writings but I’m feeling pretty sure that somewhere through the shared spiritual channels of our civilization I must have had some kind of interaction with his wisdom. I can’t retrieve it this moment but  now I’m eager to comprehend the message emitting from “become what you are”.  Scattered thoughts were on my mind lately which seem to escape me every time I try to give them a solid form. They were passing like water through my hands and only this phrase made them more specific and kinda dense. What I was trying to conceive is more or less a revised speculation of my existence. This is a game that started as an inner quest of all things that make me myself and define my substance and it has long been occupying my unconsciousness. I perceive it now as a deliberate attempt to represent myself more accurately in real life but online too, especially since my status is about to change from a detached individual to being a parent and having someone else constantly rely on me. The need to outline the banks of my existence is a way to serve and protect a new life. A reason to become a better me.


  1. Absofuckinglutely. A better you is on its way (but also a not you ha!) ;)