Find & Refined {a french afternoon}

My plans on posting this week’s finds before the weekend were ruined due to broken internet connection. The story was going like this... I am always fascinated by the French, their attitude on life and their signature style which has been the source of inspiration for many and has created a timeless perspective on design and lifestyle. Major big screen films and their heroines played a role on that notion. An fine example of this everlasting fashion is actress Jean Seberg as seen on the iconic film Breathless. A true classic if you ask me. Thinking of this motion picture I gathered a few ideas and even if today is Sunday and my post is long due, I couldn’t help but share my finds and dream of a french afternoon.  6993208069_04df98ac2f_z
bag  //  bow  //  toy  //  trousers  //  book  //  chair


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